Responsible, Shy, Gearhead


“In contrast to ”/characters/what" class=“wiki-content-link”>Neptune‘s hyper active and energetic behavior, Nepgear is a very shy girl who will over-apologize for even the tiniest of things. She is also very mature and takes her responsibilities as a CPU Candidate quite seriously; this is another trait that tends to separate her from her sister’s more lackadaisical approach towards her job. She’s somewhat timid when it comes to things and people but friendly otherwise. Once she has made a friend, no matter what they think of her later she will hold them closely, such as when Uni angrily left and began to hate Nepgear upon finding out that Nepgear fled and left their sisters behind.

Perhaps the only thing she shares with her older sister is the fact she is also an airhead. Not as much as Neptune to the point it’s barely noticeable in comparison. Another thing she shows is sometimes a lack of sanity (though nowhere near as much as Neptune) and being somewhat naive. She is very respectful to others and has a very close bond with her sister. Who addresses her as “Nep-Jr.”, while Compa likes to address her as “Gear-Chan” or in the English dub, “Ge-Ge.”

Nepgear has a tendency to go from being confident to scared whenever something bad happens especially her older sister, Neptune. This is likely the trauma caused by her capture and imprisonment at the graveyard with her sisters for three years. Thankfully though, she is quick to snap out of it whenever her friends are in trouble or when they encourage her. "

-Neptunia Wiki


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