Sleepy, Lazy, Sadistic


“Plutia has a very gentle appearance, and does not seem to be a bad person or naughty. However, she is usually skipping out on her Goddess duties, much like how Neptune would if given the chance to go and have fun instead. Considering she is seen holding a Neptune doll, she may very much like Neptune. One of her special attacks show her stomping on this doll (with a voodoo doll effect on enemies), so she may have a minor (compared to Iris Heart’s) sadistic streak. She values friendship, and takes it very seriously.

Plutia’s goddess form, while she actually retains her carefree voice, unlike most others whose voice does change, her characteristics change instead. She becomes very sadistic and cold, causing trauma for everybody, friend or foe alike, however she seems to direct such insults to villains to damage their ego while driving her allies to do better through enraging them. Due to this extreme sadistic streak , Neptune refers to this form as “Sadie”, a play on the word “Sadist” and her nickname “Plutie”. This tendency is revealed in one of her special attacks, where she stomps on the enemy, and the players are treated to a first person view of the monster first. She also likes to torment people and hates people who lie to her and ruin her fun."

-Neptunia Wiki


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