Sharpshooter, Quiet, Washboard


“While she and her sister look nearly identical, Uni is a lot friendlier and perky in comparison. Comparing her relationship with ”/characters/nepgear" class=“wiki-content-link”>Nepgear, it’s a lot better than Neptune and Noire’s at first. Much like her sister, however, she is a tsundere and says things like “I guess I’ll let you…”.

Uni seems to take pride in her fighting and is usually practicing in her spare time or learning how to take over Lastation possibly, as seen in one of the ending images where she is seen practicing karate with a nervous/worried Nepgear, or how she can be seen doing sit ups in another official picture.

Uni seems also to be less serious than Noire and seems to enjoy her time with the other younger sisters. She has her times however, such as helping the others in one manga chapter when they dressed as spies and snuck into a Pirachu-esque place."

-Neptunia Wiki


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