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“Vert is considered to be the most mature of the group, though perhaps tying with Noire, who does twice as much work. She is known to be smart, and usually very calm and polite but one of the most immature members of the group, such as not really knowing anything much outside of her own landmass. She also isn’t nearly as strong as she sees herself, but she does consider her people’s needs and keeping peace a top priority, when not playing the latest RPG.

Vert is obsessed with manga, anime, and video games to the point of being an “otaku”. Her favorite types of games include rhythm, fighting, shooting, crane, racing, medal, and simulation. She also harbors a secret love of collecting “adult male-only items”, which makes her a fujoshi (stemming from how a majority of Xbox games are FPS related). She also has an obsession with naked male butlers along with Chika and later converted Nepgear as well. However, she doesn’t want others to know, mainly IF. Due to this she made Gust promise not to say anything about the “Kichiku Megane Harlem Set for Virgins” which allowed Gust to take advantage of her by demanding she pay her 10% of the package cost. She even paid 10,000 credits so she could get the free voucher code for Planeptune’s MMO “Four Goddesses Online”, applying 200 times by changing her name and address each time but none of them won"

-Neptunia Wiki


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