Rei Ryghts

Anxious, Powerful, Cinnamon Bun


“In human form, Rei seems to be the very sensitive, gentle type of character who somehow manages to handle being bullied, teased, and harassed on a daily basis very well. She tries to keep things in order, but she seems to be very pathetic, according to others. She has a lot of trouble speaking decently in front of people and lacks any actual powers. She has barely any confidence, possibly none at all, and is always fearful.

In her HDD form, Rei is certifiably insane, incredibly arrogant, and downright rude. After the fall of her nation, Tari, she developed the belief that because she failed as a CPU, all CPUs will fail. The traits of her HDD form can sometimes leak into her human form. "

-Neptunia WIki


Rei Ryghts

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