Uzume Tennouboshi

"Cool", Loud, Brave


“Uzume is the type of girl who is obsessed with being Cool so that she comes off as reliable. Uzume is exceptionally loyal and honest to her friends, and more noticeably to her people willing to go as far as to die for them.. Very rarely will you see her relax unless she is around friends. However, this is a very strong willed facade made to help cope with her position as Zero Dimension’s sole remaining CPU, her real self is what you see when she enters her “Daydream” mode and as Orange Heart, that cutesy girl who wants everything to be okay. She is a rare case of her Human Personality changing while her HDD Personality retains her original personality."

-Neptunia Wiki


CPU form:

Uzume Tennouboshi

Hyperdimension Neptunia: Uplink CompletelyDocile